Charlene(daughter of client)

I wanted to let you know that Roxanne  provides nothing but the best outstanding customer service.  She is beyond one of the nicest people I have dealt with.  I have not met her in  person, but there are people you talk to on the phone and you know they are a good caring person without even seeing their face.

Thank you to all for the patience and understanding. 


D. Smith

Hey Natasha,Just wanted you to know that my father is now in the palliative care stage. All three homecare workers have been to visit him several times and also to visit my mom. Mom and I just wanted to tell you that they are appreciated for their kindness and their love at the hardest time of my life so far. You and those three ladies are awesome for sure.

D. Morgan

I find Comfort Home Care nice and better than other services,also reliable.

Bev (daughter of client)

Just wanted to say thank you to mom's home support worker .She will go out of her way to be sure that my mom is taken care of and she would give up your own personal  time to fill in a shift just to be sure that someone is there with mom.It means more than you know and how much appreciated it is to see people like you that really proves what a home support worker is all about . We are so lucky to have you as one of mom's workers.  xo

C. Armiger

I would like to let you and your management know how much we appreciate Mrs. Nellie Connolly’s service for our mom, Mrs. Johanna Fowler of Roaches Line. When the family all first met Mrs. Connolly, our first impressive was what a lovely lady and we were hopeful that our mom would be taken care of. Now that Mrs. Connolly has been with mom for quite some time, we are so impressed with Mrs. Connolly’s service and find that she performs well above any standard and the reliability and high quality care she shows for our mom is amazing. Not only does Mrs. Connolly show up for work on time, but also she starts work early at times when needed for moms Dr appointments and then she also stays late, no complaints, only kindness! Mrs. Connolly really cares about the welfare of our mom and demonstrates it in all the things she does for her. Her support and high quality care of our mom provides us with so much comfort knowing that our mom is well taken off during her hours with Mrs. Connolly. Please accept this letter knowing that we all are very happy and thankful to have Mrs. Connolly as our moms caregiver and we thank you sincerely for providing her to us. Best regards Catherine Armiger On behalf of Fowler Family

D. Gushue

Outstanding service has been provided to my husband. We really appreciate all that has been done.The office staff has been very helpful and caring. I would highly recommend Comfort Home Care . Thanks so much.

P. Power (HSW)

I have been working with Comfort Home Care for the past 10 years. Office staff are excellent to work with.They are very kind and considerate and I love being part of the team!

L. Penney (HSW)

Debbie & Lori, two very nice people to work for. Very understanding and caring. Love working for you guys.

G. Lynch (HSW)

I have been working for Comfort Home Care for a while now and I love it. You couldn't ask for a better employer.I hope to continue working for them for a long time to come. Office staff is wonderful to work for and with. They have such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

M. Paul

Comfort Home Care is a wonderful agency. Their services are wonderful and if you need anything they are their. As a client, I appreciate everything they do for me. They provide friendly and inviting staff for me to talk to and would recommend them to anyone.

Angela K. (HSW)

Lori and Debbie, 2 beautiful woman to work for, Very understanding and goes above and beyond to make everyone feel good and wanted. Helps in every way possible.

M. Janes (PCA)

An amazing company to work for. Both Lori and Debbie are exceptional ladies. They go above and beyond not only for their clients but staff members as well.

E. Whalen

I enjoy my Home Care,it helps me with daily chores as well as company. My worker helps me to get out and socialize and that makes a big difference. I get to go get little things I run out of at grocery store, as well as visiting the two lovely girls at the office, Lori and Debbie. They are so kind and so much fun.

J. Molloy

My home care worker is the best. She not only my worker, she is my best friend and she is very caring person and she is my best friend,Thank you for giving this worker to me.

K. Newell (PCA)

Love working with the girls at the office , they are excelent.

Lorraine M. (HSW)

Comfort Home Care not only looks after their clients, they also look after their Home Support Workers. I have been working for Comfort Home Care for a few years now, Lori and Debbie are amazing ladies in Bay Roberts location. They go above and beyond to help everyone and pleasure to work with. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work.

D. Short (HSW)

Awesome bunch to work for !!

Elsie F. (HSW)

I have been working for Comfort Home Care for many years. I enjoy helping others and it is very rewarding for the client to stay in their own home.The office staff are the best . I would recommend Comfort Home Care to anyone.

Rick L.

I would like to let you know that Home Support Worker Eileen M. has been an amazing addition to my parents daily quality of life. My parents are so at ease and comfortable with her and everything she does. I can honestly say from chatting with them she goes above and beyond. They both have had  has some extra struggles with some sickness. Since Eileen has been their she hasn't skipped a beat with their home care. Thank you.

F.Costello(clients daugher in law)

Home care worker Pam is a god sent, she helps my mother in law so much.She will talk to the family every morning which I admire about her. I just would like that to be noticed about Pam.The other night when my mother in law got bad, Pam stayed passed her shift, she didn't want to left the family alone. Thank You Pam and Comfort Home Care for sending Pam to us.